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Created at: 10 Feb 2023


Scale of the project: neighbourhood

Objective was to create an environmental community and movement for an ecological, socially and self-organized city quarter with a lot of green spaces and affordable housing to meet the extremely high demand on living space in the city.

This project is a very good example for a dense green city and a perfect conversion of old military bases. The complete project was from the beginning a participative process to enable the inclusion of the residents wishes and suggestions to the planning process. All buildings are built to a low-energy consumption standard. Many buildings have solar collectors or photovoltaic cells and produce more energy than needed. Vauban is the first housing community worldwide with a complete positive energy balance. In the whole district the number of cars is reduced by 50%. The coverage and great usage of plants make Vauban to look like a big garden with houses. This image helps to convey the importance of green city structures and illustrates the eco friendliness of Vauban.

Climate adaptation, resources conservation, GHG emissions: The new residential district in Freiburg performs exceptionally well on the indicators in the Planet category. Mainly due to the low consumption of final energy and its share of renewable energy sources. The measures that were applied in Vauban have resulted in a reduction in CO2-emissions of 40.000 metric tonnes per year. There has also been considerable attention to adaptation measures in the district. Although most measures were implemented to make the district more sustainable and attractive, they have a dual purpose in the future. The area allows for rainwater to be infiltrated in the ground and an excess to be retained. The high density of green vegetation throughout the neighbourhood (including green roofs, rain gardens etc.) will provide the area with shade during warm summer days and increase the aesthetics of the neighbourhood. Energy sobriety: The CHP-plant in Vauban operates on wood-chips from the nearby forest and provides in 73% of the total renewable energy supply, and in 100% of the heating demand in the district. Over 90% of the total energy consumption in Vauban is produced by renewable energy sources, of which the CHP-plant provides the biggest part. All buildings were built with stringent low-energy standards (65 kWh/m2/y), yet most buildings go beyond that standard. Large share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy demand (>90%) Reduction in energy bills: Vauban residents benefit from a reduced energy bill by as much as 85% on a yearly basis. Some of the pioneering blocks in Vauban have built PassivePlus buildings, generating more energy than they consume, effectively reducing their energy bill even more.

NBS classification: Objects shapes (1) On the Ground Ecological restoration Objects shapes (2) On Building and Structures Green roofs

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Jaar van aanleg/year of construction 1995
Groenblauwe Oplossing/green-blue solution
Soort maatregel/Type of measure Raingarden

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