Miroir d'eau - waterplayground Nice (2013)

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Promenade du Paillon it' s an urban park of 12 hectares with over 1000 trees and 50,000 plants ; right in the heart of the city, it separes Old Nice from the more modern part of town, just a few minutes walk from Promenade des Anglais. Demolished in 2011, after a 3 year project it became an oasis of green open space, safe play areas and impressive water features that we enjoy today. The Promenade begins in Place Massena with the Miroir d’Eau (mirror of water), a 3000m² paved section dotted with water jets; sometimes they puff out a gentle cooling mist that is pure relief on a hot day, sometimes they shoot fountains of water high into the air . They are a huge hit with children who love running in and out of the jets. Further the Promenade is a children’s play area with fantastical weird wooden creatures that they can climb and swing on. The ground is covered with fake grass, while a gated fence prevents them from straying into the road. The last section of the Promenade is a long stretch of lawn lined with olive trees; this section is the most peaceful and where you’re most likely to find office workers enjoying a packed lunch or elderly locals reading the newspaper.

Waterplayground and water art called Miroir d'eau. (Mirror of water). It’s beauty is best appreciated during 2-5 minute intervals of the water spurts from the ground. The blanket of water film against the black marble tiles gives a mirror effect with all the reflection of the surroundings giving a large mural on the ground. At night the colored lights and the variations give a great backdrop to the early evening sky. The colors of the french flagg are also involved. Waterplayground functions also as heat stress measure.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Waterspeelplaats en waterkunstwerk genaamd Miroir d'eau. De fonteinen volgen een ritme in ca 5 min. Tijdens hitte zijn de fonteinen erg geliefd. Het gebruitke water is officieel geen drinkwater. Het water wordt tbv volksgezondheid goed gefilterd met rooster, chloor en nog op andere wijze.

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