Raingarden municipality of As, NMBU university research, Norway


Created at: 12 Jan 2020


The experimental raingarden is situated in the middle of the campus of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, As, Norway. To quantify the hydrological performance and processes in the raingarden, recharge area was calculated, soil infiltration was measured with double ring infiltrometer before and after planting, and soil samples were collected to perform lab measurements of permeability, grain size distribution, organic carbon content, cation exchange capacity and water retention curve. Based on the physical description of the raingarden, the hydraulic processes were modelled with a numerical model for unsaturated and saturated flow. The composition of the raingarden mixed soil samples produced a loamy sand texture with saturated hydraulic conductivity values according to the requirements from the different international and national recommendations. The CEC properties of the raingarden allows plant production and indicates the mixed soils have good clay content and OM presence, with high water holding capacity. The original raingarden design was compared with two modified versions under two different flow scenarios. Results suggest a good performance in terms of the retention time of potential pollutants, and in fluid mass reduction.

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

Raingarden municipality of As, NMBU university research, Norway

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