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Problem Area - Heatstress Urban Area

Created at: 22 Jun 2022


In Forum City, a total of 150 mature trees will be planted, and thousands of shrubs and flowers will be spread out over the park, terraces and rooftops. These are commonly planted as saplings, that still need quite a few years to mature. Planting mature trees, in this case of up to 25 years old, has two important advantages. First, they immediately start making their contributions to air-quality of the neighbourhood. And come next summer, the first renters will be able to enjoy the shade of trees and the cooling effects of large amounts of green surface areas around them. Outside the building, places along the surrounding streets, that would otherwise typically host cars are now turned into boulevards and squares, where pedestrians and bikers share a public space and where trees and plants mark ideal sites for an encounter or a break. Linear avenues planted with linden and ornamental crab apples not only add to an aesthetic appeal of the development, they also help to organize the surrounding public realm into areas created for different user groups, making spaces safer and more comfortable.

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