Community Garden Zusterstraat, Stichting Jacobahof, The Hague

Climate Adaptive Green

Rainwater Harvesting


Community Garden

Citizen Participation

Physical Activity, Playing and Meeting

Enhancing Biodiversity (e.g. insect hotels)

Problem Area - Waterquality

Tiny Forest

Nature Education

Created at: 01 Dec 2023


An urban community garden with a tiny forest, a small pond, a water pump and several rainwater harvesting projects. The other location is just a street away, the Jacobahof where there is a flower garden with a beekeeper and a beehive, a large pond, a waterpump and small raised vegetable beds. The location used to be an urban animal farm, but is finding a different purpose now with citizen involvement (see the website).

There are educational and research collaboration projects with for example the Johan de Witt school Zusterstraat and Wageningen University (WUR).

Research by WUR had been done on water quality of the community garden. Too much lead was found. Communal gardening is therefor done in raised beds (also at the Jacobahof). Water from the water pump that has been installed, is not drinkable, but is used for the garden.

Other research done by WUR is about the effects of the communal garden on the neighborhood.

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