Sustainable urban water project Waterboulevard City of Belval (2010-2015)


Constructed Wetland

ART (related to climate adaptation)

Created at: 01 May 2022


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Ecology and urban development

With urban development the system of transporting all the stormwater through underground pipes has reached it limits, at least it did in this specific area. An alternative water-concept was needed to have a consistant and sustainable water-management. It was l clear as well that the urban development had to be combined with ecological continuity. Water-Concept Re-use and Visibility

For water-retention 26 water-barriers of European oak poles have been made. Thus creating in the creek different water-levels, making it a green ‘water-retention-stairway’, where the speed of the water-transport will be slowed down in periods of heavy rainfall. And preventing in this way an overload of the water-system downstream. The Promenade

Alongside from the water-retention-stairway a pedestrian and cyclist promenade has been made to connect all living, working and shopping areas of the site in a natural way. It is not only the backbone taking care of the accessibility within the site, the cyclist promenade is as well an important joint in the national cycle-path routing. The bridges, benches and platforms

The bridges have a robust design, matching the proportions of the boulevard and are made of local, European oak combined with steel. data

Location: Belval Luxembourg, Europe Designer: ELYPS Landscape + Urban Design Van Berchenstraat 19, 6511 BA Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Europe Team: Johan Buwalda, Yvonne de la Gardia, Gijs Flink, Sonja Mihaljevic Commissioned by: société de développement AGORA s.à.r.l. et Cie, Avenue de Rock ‘n Roll Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg period of design: 2006-2010 implemented in: stage 1 2010-2012 stage 2 2012-2015

Samenvatting (Dutch description)

regenwaterretentietrap ontwerp: inrichting buitenruimte, ontwerp elementen

opdrachtgever: Agora, Luxemburg omvang: 38 ha ontwerp: 2009-2014 uitvoering: 2014-2015

Het regenwater van het woongebied Belval Nord en de omliggende deelgebieden van de nieuwe stad wordt afgeleid naar een retentietrap. Houten stuwen vertragen de waterafloop tijdens buien naar de lager liggende beek. Langs de retentietrap komt een voetgangers en fiets-promenade te liggen die alle deelgebieden van het terrein met elkaar verbindt. Houten vlonderbruggen verbinden de promenade met het woonkwartier.

Water boulevard Wadi Helofyten Fase 1 - 2010-2012 Fase 2 -2012-2015

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